Superintendent's Message

Welcome to Richland Springs ISD-a district with a history of student success in both academics and athletics. The Richland Springs community is committed to educational excellence that prepares and inspires all students for life-long success by engaging every student in rigorous academic experiences and enriching opportunities.
We have a Highly Qualified staff and a “student centered” administration that continuously work to offer the best education a child can get. We continuously strive to provide a safe environment with small class sizes to optimize your child’s learning experience. Please feel free to contact us to find out how your child can be a part of the Richland Springs ISD family.
If you are already a part of our family, we thank you for putting your trust in us, and we will continue to strive to teach your child to be the best well-rounded person he/she can be. Working together we can continue to make Richland Springs ISD a place of which we are all proud of, with outstanding teachers, outstanding students, firm and fair discipline, and a private school quality education in a public school setting.
                                       Achieving success one student at a time.

New and Articles

Coyote Pride

As yet another school year is upon us, millions of parents across America are entrusting their precious children to educators in schools. Together, we are the family, the foundation, the consistency, the harmony, and the encouragement. Children seek .....

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Richland Springs Stroll Over San Antonio FEAST...62-6

A delightful chill blew in last Friday night at Coyote Field in Richland Springs on the heels of a rare "Super Moon" earlier in the week. A full moon occurring at its nearest distance to earth creates a huge and beautiful backdrop for Coyotes singing on a hilltop, and is .....

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In a Texas Education Announcement on June 27, 2014, Richland Springs school was named a HIGH PERFORMING school for 2013-2014 based upon reading and math performance. 

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