Coyote Pride

School is already in the 3rd six week grading period. Students and parents and staff are busy with all phases of the educational process, from athletics, academics, Ag stock shows, etc. Please look for report cards this week. Make sure you see your child’s report card. Call the school at 452-3427 if you do not receive a report card. Parent involvement is a key to student success.

Richland Springs ISD received a rating of “Superior Achievement” on School FIRST from the Texas Education Agency (TEA) regarding financial operations. The superior achievement rating is the state’s highest, demonstrating the quality of the district’s financial management and reporting system. This is the 18th consecutive year the Richland Springs ISD has received a SUPERIOR rating from TEA under the state’s Financial Integrity Rating System of Texas (FIRST), financial accountability system, which evaluates the performance in the management of school districts’ financial resources using 15 different criteria.

Girls’ basketball head coach, Dara Chandler, is very complimentary of the hustle shown on the court by the Lady Coyotes in practice. The girls are well conditioned and this conditioning is evident in their success achieved at the district cross country meet.

COVID case updates from Marsha Hardy, Emergency Management Coordinator for San Saba County, reveal 8 active cases in San Saba County. There are now five deaths due to COVID in San Saba County. With each update to schools, Marsha Hardy includes this message: “Simply: wash your hands, wear your mask, pay attention to your surroundings and, mostly, be kind!”

News programs on television seem to focus on politics these days. To find joy or inspiration in the political stories of today, one must love seeing a political foe trashed, pummeled, or slammed. Not much good political news these days. When thinking of building positive self-images in children, Richland Springs’ staff have a huge challenge and a huge responsibility. As the holiday season approaches, we are now in the 8th month of the continuing pandemic. Significant challenges and uncertainties still face families, students and educators as we enter the last six weeks prior to the end of the first semester on December 18th. Once again we temporarily return to remote Asynchronous learning for our students. For all educators, adapting to changes required because of COVID both last year and this year has required creativity and hard work. A special ‘Thank you’ to our staff for always choosing to do that hard work needed to build an environment where every child is nurtured and supported!  We are fortunate to be in Richland Springs!

It’s great to see our community supporting students in their efforts to achieve. We have a great community, students, teachers and staff. It takes everyone working together to achieve success. Thanks for all you do!

Community involvement is the key to success!


Planning for success