Richland Springs School


DeeAnna Farris

School Counselor -

Sarah Locker

Dual -Credit Advisor

College Credit Courses   (Secondary Grade Levels Only)

Students in grades 9–12 have opportunities to earn college credit through the following methods:

Enrollment in courses taught in conjunction and in partnership with Angelo State University and/or other institutions approved by the principal, which may be offered on or off campus;

Enrollment has eligibility requirements and must be approved prior to enrollment in the course. Please see the school counselor for more information. Depending on the student’s grade level and the course, a state-mandated end-of-course assessment may be required for graduation.

It is important to keep in mind that all state universities and colleges will accept credit earned in all dual credit courses taken in high school with the ASU.

RSISD Dual-Credit Local Policy

Memorandums of Understanding


Angelo State Dual Credit Programs

Your Future. Our Commitment.

Get a head start on your college education by taking dual credit classes!

The best part? You don’t even have to leave your high school campus. That’s right. You can earn college credit while taking classes at your high school.

Your Investment

Graduate College Sooner

Start earning college credit early! Doing so will help save you money on tuition and fees by allowing you to complete your degree faster.

Earn Automatic Admission to Angelo State

ASU dual credit students who complete six (6) hours of dual credit with at least a 3.0 GPA are guaranteed acceptance to Angelo State. Once you earn your 6 hours, you’ll receive an email with instructions to apply through a quick and free application.