Students Who Are Homeless

Children who are homeless will be provided flexibility regarding certain district provisions, including:

  • Proof of residency requirements;
  • Immunization requirements;
  • Educational program placement (if the student is unable to provide previous academic records or misses an application deadline during a period of homelessness);
  • Credit-by-examination opportunities at any point during the year (if the student enrolled in the district after the beginning of the school year), per State Board of Education (SBOE) rules;
  • Awarding partial credit when a student passes only one semester of a two-semester course;
  • Eligibility requirements for participation in extracurricular activities; and
  • Graduation requirements.

Federal law allows a student who is homeless to remain enrolled in the “school of origin” or to enroll in a new school in the attendance area where the student is currently residing.

If a student who is homeless in grade 11 or 12 transfers to another district but does not meet the graduation requirements of the receiving district, state law allows the student to request a diploma from the previous district if the student meets the criteria to graduate from the previous district.

A student or parent who is dissatisfied by the district’s eligibility, school selection, or enrollment decision may appeal through policy FNG(LOCAL). The district will expedite local timelines, when possible, for prompt dispute resolution.